Miniature Stained Glass

Late afternoon light filtering through the panes.

A few years ago I stumbled across a process for making very realistic stained glass windows for dollhouses and miniatures. These windows are 1:12 scale and fit in standard size components, such as Houseworks window frames. It’s a very time consuming process but the results are worth it!

I didn’t have any painted and assembled window frames to show with this example, so these are in various states of completion.

I used an acrylic sheet, lead tape and gallery glass paint to create the widow pane. The lead tape I used is very pliable and easy to create curves with. I apply it to both sides of the acrylic sheet, working from a pattern. I then apply paint to the exterior facing side of the window pane. I use a toothpick and a small scoop to apply the paint and create texture.

Miniature Stained Glass Size
Showing the size and realistic texture.

A lot of stained glass has a marbled look, and this is easy to achieve by swirling two colors together, being careful not to blend them too much. The ivory panels on these windows were created by swirling together yellow and an opaque white color.

Miniature Stained Glass Close Up
Close up of the marbling technique and line detail.

I plan to post a more detailed tutorial soon.


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