Enamel Top Table

1:12 Scale Enamel Top Table

I’ve been working on this 1:12 scale enamel top table for a few weeks. I painted with with Testors white gloss enamel spray paint, and that added a considerable amount of dry time to the project. The coverage wasn’t great either. Next time, I’ll stick with standard white spray paint and a gloss finish.

The table is made from basswood and cardstock was used for the detail around the legs. Mat board could be substituted for the basswood. The legs are made from two diameters of aluminum tubing. I found this at Hobby Lobby in the aisle with model making supplies. I cut out the red detail from glossy 651 vinyl using my silhouette cameo and applied it to the top. You can feel the raised edge of the vinyl, but it’s not noticeable when looking at the piece so I probably won’t add any sort of clear sealer.

1:12 Scale Enamel Top Table
Table top detail

I spent a lot of time debating the color and design for the detail on the table top. I just went with something so I wouldn’t keep changing my mind. It’s a bit out of scale but I think it looks fine. I followed this tutorial from Kris at 1 Inch Minis to create this piece. It was simple, but a bit time consuming.


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