DIY Retro Christmas Village

Growing up, my favorite thing about Christmas was my grandmothers cardboard Christmas houses known as “putz houses”. I’ve been working on a few chipboard Christmas villages for myself this year. My favorite features midcentury modern (MCM) style houses. The MCM houses look perfect with tacky bead and tinsel trim, pastel trees and baubles.

I downloaded some free patterns from and created svg files from them. I added window trim and made stencils for brick and stonework. Then I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut them out of thin chipboard and old cereal boxes. I eliminated the large hole in the back and replaced it with a small round hole to add my light. Download the original patterns here.

I use a white latex primer on both sides of the house, then paint it with acrylic craft paint. Then i assemble using white tacky glue and clear velum for the windows.

I add snow to the roofs using Snowtex. I love the texture it gives. Finally, I work in sections to cover the house with a thin layer of mod podge followed by clear glitter.

The base is layered cardboard enclosed in a box made from white poster board. I add a later of mod podge and sprinkle on faux snow. Then I hot glue the house to the base and add embellishments such as trees, cars and deer. I strung LED fairy lights from house to house to light them.


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