Work Begins on the Shabby Chic Cottage

I love the charming houses made by Caroline at Cinderella Moments. I purchased her shabby chic cottage instructional book from her Etsy shop and I’m currently working my way through the project. I hope to either donate this house to my local Relay For Life auction, or raffle it and donate the proceeds to the event. I’m making modifications as I go – some intentional and others happy accidents. I didn’t think to take pictures from the beginning, but here’s how things currently stand.

All of the pieces have been cut from an existing Greenleaf Dollhouse Primrose kit. The kit is heavily modified for this project, and it probably would have been easier to scratch build this house. But, so far so good.


I assembled the four wall, floor and upstairs gable. I accidentally switched my wall layout from the original project but everything should work out fine. I then added wainscoting to the first floor walls with skinny sticks. After that, I added plaster the remaining exposed portions of wall. Then I installed the second story floor.


I made a herringbone floor for the first floor using standard craft popsicle sticks. I used my easy cutter to quickly cut all of the boards then applied a few thin layers of whitewash. I sealed the floor with semi-gloss polycryclic. The second story floor is also made from popsicle sticks with a whitewash and polycrylic finish.


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